Jack Gannsle Visits RightHand to Share Embedded Programming Tips and Tricks

There's Always a Better Way...

You will often see Jack Ganssle present at some of the top embedded conferences around the country. In March, Jack Ganssle, renowned author and speaker on embedded software, visited RightHand for a one-on-one to share his best tips and tricks on how to write better faster embedded software.

Jack is the Technical Editor of Embedded Systems Programming magazine as well as author of the magazine's monthly column "Breakpoints". He has published over 500 articles on different aspects of embedded development.

Jack presented an engergized and inspiring learning experience, peppered with humor and interesting examples. He delivered doable, practical information that appealed to all experience levels.

RightHand engineers commented on how it was reassuring to know that they were already doing a lot of the right things. Recent changes at RightHand to improve the development process aligned with the principles that Jack taught. After hearing war stories on the struggles of other companies, engineers were engergized by the fact that RightHand was a premier organization among similar companies in its industry.

Often in the development environment it helps to understand a project that was developed by other team members for a customer. When you revisit that same project, the next development team may be assigned to the project, and can quickly come up to speed. "At RightHand, our engineers have a deeper understanding on how a software development process can improve development for a customer, and deliver a better and more reliable product in a timely fashion." said Jerry Deren, Director of Engineering.

Throughout the presentation, Jack emphasized the importance of continual learning and offered some great tips on books to add to the RightHand library. Tools change. Procedures change. There's always a better, stronger, faster way of building software products. RightHand has always placed a high value on continuing education for its engineers — as evident in the investment of having Jack brought in for a one-on-one onsite at RightHand's location.

Tej, a software engineer from RightHand, referred to Jack’s seminar as "inspiring". "In school, my professor would teach us the ‘Jack Ganssle’ way, so I was particularly keyed-up to meet him face-to-face.", said Tej. "Jack delivered the technical information with many humorous anecdotes and real-world examples."
Tej with
Jack G.

Overall, the consensus from the engineers was that they found the day both educational and entertaining. If given the chance, engineers would take Jack’s seminar again.

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